Pre & Post Treatment Instructions


Pre-Treatment Instructions:

  1. Avoid taking aspirin for one week prior to your appointment (aspirin can cause bleeding.)
  2. Avoid alcohol for forty-eight hours before your appointment (alcohol can prevent complete anesthesia or numbing of the treated area.)
  3. It is best to avoid caffeine or other stimulants twenty-four hours prior to your appointment (stimulants can interfere with the anesthetic).
  4. Take antibiotic pre-medication, if required.
  5. Take any prescribed sedatives as directed.
  6. If you are prescribed sedatives, you must have someone drive you home after your treatment.
  7. Eat a good breakfast and/or lunch the day of your appointment.

    8.Wear comfortable loose fitting clothing for your visit.

Post-Treatment Instructions:

  1. Do not be alarmed with any color changes or appearance of tissues following laser therapy. Tissues can be gray, yellow, red, blue, purple, and “stringy” and reflect normal response to laser treatments. Do no disturb this area.
  2. Reduce activity for several hours following the surgery.
  3. After treatment it is o.k. to spit, gently rinse, and wash your mouth. Rinse as directed with Peridex or Periogard morning and night. It is also recommended to rinse gently every three hours with warm salt water (1/2 teaspoons of salt dissolved in an 8 oz. glass with warm water). Do not chew on the side of your mouth, which has been treated until you are advised.
  4. Do not eat spicy or excessively hot foods.
  5. Try to keep your mouth as clean as possible in order to help the healing process. Brush, floss, and follow other home care measures in all the areas of your mouth except the area where surgery was performed.
  6. Do not apply excessive tongue or cheek pressure to the treated area.
  7. Do not be alarmed if one of the following occurs:

– Light bleeding

– Slight swelling

– Some soreness, tenderness, or tooth sensitivity
– Medicinal taste and stains, from Peridex or Perioguard

8. In some circumstances, a surgical pack is placed on the area to prevent food, trauma, and/or smoke from irritating the treated tissues. If a piece of the pack falls out or if the entire pack loosens or falls out, do not be alarmed.

9. Swelling may possibly occur. To keep this at a minimum, gently place an ice pack on the outside of the face for twenty minutes each hour until you go to sleep that night.

10.Some oozing of blood may occur and will appear to be greatly exaggerated when it dissolves in saliva. Determine the side of oozing and place pressure on this area. If you cannot locate the origin of the bleeding, rinse your mouth gently with iced water and apply a wet tea bag to the general area. If excessive bleeding continues, please call the office.

11. If you are not allergic to Advil – the generic for Ibuprofen i.e. Motrin or Nuprin will be prescribed immediately before treatment to minimize tissue swelling and local inflammation. Both of these are normal side effects of minor surgery.

12.If you feel you would be more comfortable with some form of pain relievers for the evening and days after your appointment, please advise us in advance so that we may prescribe the appropriate medication. Pain relievers are to be taken as prescribed.
13. If antibiotic pills are prescribed, the entire bottle or prescription should be taken for the stated number of days or weeks.
14. If Peridex antimicrobial rinse is prescribed, full strength should be used two times per day for at least two weeks.

15. It is important to maintain a good food and fluid intake. Try to eat soft, yet nutritious food followed by the Laser surgery and do not suck through a straw.

16. Please call our office if any of the following occur:
– Prolonged or severe pain
– Prolonged or excessive bleeding
– Considerably elevated or persistent temperature
17.Approximately two weeks and up to one year after therapy, your teeth may become sore, tender, or sensitive as the bone and ligaments around the teeth regenerate and become more firm. This is a sign of healing, but also indicates the presence of a bite imbalance that may need to be adjusted. An occlusal adjustment is an ongoing part of your laser care and maintenance.

The first three days following Laser Therapy, follow a liquid like diet to allow healing. Anything that could be put into a blender to drink is ideal. The purpose of this is to protect the clot that is acting as a band aid between the gum and the teeth. DO NOT drink through a straw, as this creates a vacuum in your mouth that can disturb the band aid.

Four days after treatment, eat foods with a soft consistency such as cream of wheat, oatmeal, mashed potatoes, bananas, or applesauce, creamed soups, cottage cheese, etc are recommended.

Seven to ten days after treatment, eat foods such as pasta, fish, steamed vegetables, or chicken.

Foods to avoid after treatment:

– Chewing gum – Raw vegetables/salad
– Candy or cookies- Nuts and/or anything crunchy
Pre-Treatment Instructions:
1. Stop taking blood thinning medications three days prior to surgery.
2. Ensure you have someone to drive you to and from the office if taking relaxation medications.
3. Wear comfortable clothing.
Post-Treatment Instructions:
– Once you are home apply ice packs to your face immediately to prevent swelling. Ice should be used the first twelve to seventy two hours postoperatively. If swelling persists after seventy two hours, apply warm moist heat packs.
-One and a half hours after surgery remove the gauze packs and drink at least 1/2 glass of clear liquid (iced tea is recommended, provided you like tea.) Do Not Use A Straw
– Keep firm pressure on the gauze sponge that has been placed in your mouth for thirty to forty five minutes. If bleeding persists, replace the gauze with a fresh pad and keep a steady biting pressure on it. Repeat as necessary.
– If bleeding should start again, try a moistened tea bag in place of the gauze, keep your head elevated and remain quiet. Oozing and excessive saliva may persist overnight.
– The evening of your surgery ensure you get up and move around the house for at least one hour and again in the morning to help with circulation and keep swelling down.
– Maintain a clear liquid diet the day of surgery. (Ramen noodles or broth with soda crackers are allowed if necessary.)
– The day after surgery begin rinsing gently after eating and before bedtime with warm salt water. DO NOT aggressively swish or spit as this could dislodge the clot. Continue rinsing as directed for the next two to three weeks.
Note: Food in the sockets are the greatest source for infection.
Do Not:
– Rinse your mouth for the first twentyfour hours after surgery.
– Drink alcohol or drive while using pain medication.
– Smoke
– Drink from a straw
– Spit
– Drink carbonated beverages
– Drink plenty of fluids
– Maintain a clear liquid diet the day of surgery only
– Begin a soft diet the next day
– Take pain medication and antibiotics as prescribed
Food suggestions while you are numb:

  • Slushy beverage, Gatorade, or Milkshake
  • Applesauce
  • Jell-O
  • Apple juice
  • Yogurt
  • Pudding
  • Cottage cheese

Food suggestions after the numbness wears off:

  • Macaroni and cheese
  • Mashed potatoes
  • Pancakes
  • Scrambled eggs
  • Meatloaf
  • Pasta, etc.
  • Baked potato

Note: Should pain medication be necessary, be sure to eat or drink something before taking your prescription to help reduce any nausea.